About Me

I first started gambling on football when I was about 8 yrs old.

Those in their forties like myself will remember the Ladbrokes "Bonanza" section list.

My mum and dad would give me a 10p allowance to stake a bet, 1 from each section. Nothing beat Saturday afternoons watching the vidi printer on BBC1 waiting for the scores to come in.

It very soon became an addiction which has now evolved to be my hobby and my passion.


About 15 years ago when in my mid twenties I started studying football globally.

I would spend hours every day looking at form and results from leagues all over europe, scandinavia, south america and now even in the middle east.

I'd like to think that I'd learnt a little over the last thirty odd years and I thought why not share my knowledge with others who have the same interests.


I do not have a system as such just a sound level of knowledge about form, who's good at home and who is poor away.

Who concedes a lot of goals and who has a solid defense.


Value for me is the key, what you will never get are tips with odds of 1/8 etc.

No shit Sherlock!!!

I like to take the bookies on by betting on what they deem to be the outsider but I know different, you can't win them all but I WILL make profit if you stick by me.


I try to offer tips around the Evs mark or at the very worse nothing too odds on. I like to make sure we're getting value for our money.