Q What time are your tips given on a daily basis?



A I like to post my tips daily usuually in the evening between 6 and 9pm.


However, on some occasions tips may be posted on the same day as the event but will be posted no later than 1pm



Q Do I have to join and are there any costs involved in using this amazing service?



A No there are no forms to fill out and no costs at all. My tips are completely free of charge.



Q How will I receive the selections?



A My tips are posted on the website. Keep checking back frequently for my latest tips. On special occasions there may be more than one so keep checking!!!



Q Are your tips independently verified?



A At the moment they are not. As I have said in another section of this site I am just starting off with this. My tips will be there for everyone to see and the results (hopefully good) will speak for themselves.



Q Will I make money betting with the Big Nose Tipster?



A All tipsters go through good and bad runs we've all seen it. I am confident that if you stick with me long term I can earn you a few extra shekels.



Q Can I shower the Big Nose Tipster with gifts to say thank you for his wonderful free tipping service that has earnt me extra cash?



A Yes you categorically can.